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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Home Inspired Meals

After a brisk morning walk watching the sun come up, my two pups and I were ready for a hearty breakfast upon arriving home. For Seamus, a wee, shorn Shih Tzu, and Maya a feisty, huntress Cairn terrier, I had made a special blend of canned pumpkin, red salmon, flax meal and garlic-yeast powder. To this I added some cooked spinach, which I had made for myself, plus a 1/8 cup of high end commercial dried dog food.

As they devoured their small bowls of food I added some leftover Basmati rice to the spinach, which absorbed the extra water while cooking. I then turned off the heat and mixed in a small teaspoon of Dandelion Leek miso (mmm, so good) and a couple of tablespoons of spicy Korean Kimchi. I topped the mixture with some toasted sesame seeds and a dollop of my favorite hummus and in 8 minutes I had a delicious breakfast. For me a meal like this will take me through the morning and into early afternoon satisfied and energized until time for lunch. Speaking of which....

Then for lunch, after another long walk over and back from my neighbor Suzanne, to help set up a whole chicken in her new crockpot. For that we stuffed sliced garlic under the skin, then poured olive oil and sea salt on top, naturally in moderation, and covered the top and sides with thinly sliced lemon. Sorry, no pictures as I forgot to bring my camera, but when me and the pups got home they had a good snack and I made a tuna wrap and served it with sweet potato fries. I include that recipe as well with pictures to inspire you.

That's Maya sticking here nose in and taking a sniff of the sweet potato chip. Snapped it and shuffled the temptation away before she took a bite. You can also serve the tuna salad in something a bit more glamorous for yourself or when guests come for lunch.

Serves 1-2

1/3 cup frozen organic spinach
¼ cup water
½ cup cooked Basmati rice
1 small teaspoon Dandelion Leek miso or miso of your choice
2 heaping tablespoons spicy, Korean Kimchi (or what you can handle)

In a small saucepan combine the spinach with water and bring to a low simmer. Add the rice and cook until water is almost absorbed and rice is tender. Remove from the heat and dissolve the miso in the rice mixture. Stir in the Kimchi and pour into a bowl. Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and top with a dollop of hummus. Sit in front of the window as the sun warms your heart and breathe in gratitude for the bounty you are about to eat. May all sentient beings have food to eat and a warm place to rest their body.

Serves 2

1 6 ounce can tuna in water, drained
½ teaspoon curry powder
1 teaspoon crunchy peanut butter
½ teaspoon mellow white miso
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon Vegenaise
2 tablespoons currents
1 stalk celery, diced
2 spelt tortilla, warmed
2 leaves romaine lettuce, split in half down the center

In a small bowl combine the tuna, curry, peanut butter, miso, Vegenaise, currents, and celery. Mix well.
Place the warmed tortilla on a plate and scoop half the tuna salad on one end of each tortilla.
Lay the romaine leaf on top the tuna and roll up. Slice in half and serve.

You can also serve the tuna in a fancy wine or champagne glass and decorate with chips or colorful vegetables.

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